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article icon Congratulations to “Six steps to Omega!”
Posted: July 20. 2007

On June 23, 2007, Delta Upsilon embraced our newest Brothers into the fold of Omega. The neophytes are: Elliot Buchanan, Kevin Derricote, Khary Nickson, Stephan Williams, Wesley Bridges, and Rasheed Muse. After a lot of trial and tribulation behind the scenes, these six new Brothers have persevered through a process that has made Delta Upsilon proud! As the Membership Selection Chairperson, I want to congratulate each of our new Brothers and to thank the Chapter for its participation. I would like to acknowledge several Brothers who went above and beyond to make this process not only a challenging one, but some-thing our neophytes will be able to cherish, be proud of, and remember forever. image I would like to Thank Brother Harold Vereen for assisting with this process and giving strong support and guidance - Bro. Larry Lewis Sr. for his steady leadership - Bro. Walter Nall for his experience and knowledge throughout the process - Bro. Terrance Carter for providing the venue - Bro. Gary Gray for his support and all of the Brothers of the Chapter who provided input and assistance. This would not have been a success without all of you. In July, 2007, Delta Upsilon had a social event at Michael’s Diner. The genesis of this event was to have all of the neophytes and their significant others, to meet all of the Chapter Brothers and their significant others in a social setting. The event was a huge success. A great time was had by all and this may be the beginning of an on-going event for the Chapter. Again, a special thanks goes to Bro. Vereen and Bro. Bridges for all of their efforts in planning this event. Brother Lemonte Sanders Delta Upsilon Spring 04 MSP Chairman

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