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article icon Brother Col. Walter Nall Appointed to New Military Command
Posted: July 22. 2015

Trenton, NJ On May 12, 2015, Brother Col. Walter Nall, Basileus with Delta Upsilon Chapter was given command of the 57th Troop Command of the NJ Army National Guard.  This command provides command and control for several logistical, administrative, and aviation units in the NJ Army National Guard. The Command also provides emergency response for floods and similar disasters along the New Jersey coast. The 57th Troop Command has subordinate Battalions that perform a variety of services or combat roles. These are the 119th Corps Support Battalion and the 1-150th General Support Aviation Battalion. The 57th Troop Command also has a Headquarters Detachment, which is responsible for pay, administration, and training for the command headquarters.

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