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Achievement Week Committee
      Chairperson: Brother Kenneth Moore

The Achievement Week Celebration is one of the International Mandated Programs of the Fraternity. The focus of this committee is to highlight the achievements of members of Delta Upsilon Chapter as well as members of the local, regional and national communities. The activities traditionally include the Achievement Week Banquet and Award Ceremony.

Fraternity Recognition Committee 
      Chairperson: Brother Walter Nall

This Committee is charged with developing, organizing, and implementing programs/events that recognize and publicize the history and legacy of the Chapter and the Fraternity to the organization and to the greater community at large.  In particular, this committee will oversee the annual Founders Day Event and the Annual Memorial Day Service.  Other events to recognize the Chapter and/or the Fraternity will also be assigned to this committee as necessary.

Reclamation & Retention Committee      

The Reclamation Committee is charged with persuading Brothers who have become inactive, into being financial and participating members of the Fraternity/Chapter. The committee organizes activities designed to reclaim members of the Fraternity. Activities include fellowship gatherings and networking socials.

Scholarship/Education Committee
      Chairperson: Brother Jeff Sumners

The Scholarship Committee is charged with monitoring, selecting and awarding funds to deserving youth, through various Chapter scholarship initiatives. The committee heads or provides guidance to most Chapter driven scholarship activities. Typically, the committee promotes scholarship activities, screens potential applicants and worthy candidates.

Social Action Committee
      Chairperson: Brother Aula Sumbry

The focus of this Committee is to promote the “Uplift” cardinal principle of the Fraternity. In doing so, the Committee strives to aid and/or assist some of the various charitable entities and individuals located in the Trenton area.

Social Programs Committee
      Chairperson: Brother Elliott Buchanan

The focus of this Committee is to plan social activities for the brothers of Delta Upsilon Chapter and their families. The goal is to build friendships through social interaction and to arrange events that have a purely social, fun objective.

Talent Hunt Committee
This is an International Mandated Program of the Fraternity. The focus of this Committee is organizing an annual Talent Hunt for promising youth talent in the Trenton area. This event highlights the performing arts skills of local high school students. The winners of the Talent Hunt move on to compete at the District and International competitions.

Information Technology Committee
      Chairperson: Brother Khary J. Nickson

The IT Committee is charged with developing, maintaining, and assisting with all information technology related items and/or projects including the Chapter website, email accounts, mailing lists, and computer/projector aided presentations.